We are Emperor Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., a full service video production company based in Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh. We are a team of film makers and marketing experts who partner with brands and agencies to produce Films, online video content, corporate films and event films. We are proud to say that many of our clients have loved us enough to come back to us.For the last decade,Emperor Media and Entertainment, has been in the business of creating brands for its products and taking it right down to the consumers through effective advertising strategies that magnetically pull consumers to the products and brands that we breathe life into.

What Makes us BEST

At Emperor M&E every production is unique.It requires finding the right inspiration, the right crew and yes, the right budget. Our work has already taken us to locations across India, and our bags are nearly always packed with cameras at the ready for a shoot anywhere you need.We are committed to provide the best of the best services to our clientèle – big or small, renowned or unknown – all our clients inspire us in equal measure to put in our best so that our clients benefit ultimately.

The habit of success We push our products into the market and then accelerate its momentum with powerful ideas capturing the imagination of the consumers.Ultimately connecting them to our clients’ products and brands. This has been the habit of our success. Our work, our commitment, our passion to excel in all we do and hit the bull’s eye at the right time with the right content has been our forte indeed.